M&M2- World Stoppers

DAY -1

Meet the Heroes
Christina’s a bum, Jimmy Turner got kicked out of his house by his asshole father, Peter’s an athlete and track star, Bernard’s a nerdy library recluse and Colt Vander is a back-story-less buff guy. Their story will undoubtedly be the stuff of legends. Smiley face.
Our story begins late at night, our heroes are spread out, on the street, a train station, the track field, slumped against a desk, …somewhere else. Suddenly a deep sleep washes over them and they arrive in a world of pure white. Confused and bewildered, surrounded by boundless emptiness, they take their first steps and the world dissolves away to something familiar, yet unfamiliar.
The main street of Taichou City, which they have so often visited, now barren and silent. No cars, no people, no sound, like a different world to the one they know. as they attempt to return home and hopefully to some semblance of normality, they finally meet another soul in this otherwise human-void realm, however that other person is themselves (du-duum). Without time to overcome their shock, their other selves suddenly attack.
Normally this would be very boring, two people with the same stats fighting, not so for these fights however because, to the GM’s great enjoyment, these clone’s have not just heightened senses but also strange powers. Chris’ other suddenly morphs into a huge lion and attacks, bearing its claws and fangs fiercely, Jimmy’s duplicate (which for some reason has a broken half-sword) draws said sword and swings, Peter’s emulation jumps with abnormal speed and power to tackle him, knocking him back several meters, while the replica of Bernard sweeps his arm through the air and an ancient-looking sword materializes out of thin air, threatening nerdy Bernard with its dangerous sharpness, and Colt finds himself face-to-face with an even bigger and even more muscled twin, who seems to be growing progressively larger and buff-ier.
Being pinned under her lion-other, Chris forces the GM to look up the grapple rules, the result of which is she manages to eventually escape and flee from the strange weirdness that had confronted her, however, turning to look, she sees the beast vanished, replaced by an odd scroll…
From his many years of learning kendo and being beaten by his father, Jimmy’s amazing intellect assures him that attacking an armed enemy bare-handed is probably (84%) a bad idea, so he searches for something to turn into a makeshift weapon. Dodging the continued (but crappy) attack of his double, he spots a sports shop and takes off, already planning his counterattack. Making it to the store, he opens the luckily open doors and locks them quickly, though his copy doesn’t seem to be following. Jimmy rushes to the baseball bats on the wall, grabs one and turns, to see his other barely five foot from him. He adopts a well-practiced stance and dodges the swing of his clone, for the first time recognizing the blade in his hands, his father’s cherished katana which Jimmy had broken not too long ago. But as the steel whooshes through the air, the half-blade ripples and becomes whole before Jimmy’s shocked eyes. Dodging by a hair, he instinctively responds and hit (finally a hit!), though instead of hitting solid flesh, the sword passes through the smoke that man had become, a scroll clattering to the floor…
Peter lies immobile under his strangely solid copy, pinned by his disproportionate strength. Attempting pathetically to escape, he is instead picked up bodily as his clone jumps – and keeps jumping, landing easily atop a huge skyscraper. Peter finally manages to free himself from his own clutches (?) and makes a run for it, but his other him’s senses are too good for that, and he jumps even higher into the air, crashing heavily on Peter. Unhurt but again immobile, Peter lashes out, striking a heavy blow, or at least he would have if his double hadn’t suddenly poofed into smoke. he flinched as something feel onto his chest, but it was just a strange scroll…
Bernard, after he finally convinced himself this wasn’t just another dream caused by excessively reading Greek Mythology (they were quite common), also decided that fighting would be against his better interests, for instance: living. Using his muscles trained from long years of reading thick tomes and pushing book carts, he runs, and immediately begins gasping for air. Spotting a side alley, he desperately flees down it, grinning as he pulls of his escape. His grin disappears when he sees he has just ‘escaped’ into a dead end. A sound behind him draws his other self to his attention, no with a different blade, looking to be Roman in design. Pushing aside his immediate interest, Bernard reminds himself that he can study it later if he survives, but still can’t see any way out. Out of options, he charges, and thankfully his double had most of his original physical abilities, because the pitiful tackle succeeded, and Bernard crashed to the ground as he charged through the smoke, finding himself grasping a scroll in his clenched hand…
Colt Vander stared at the bigger Colt Vander, a fierce intimidate battle waging between them, neither getting anywhere. Bored of that, he attacks, and missed, and his other attacks, and also misses, truly a riveting match. Colt chooses this moment to say something profound. ‘Ka-Wham!’ he screams as he wings again, and misses. This historic, action-packed battle continued for a while, the epic sounds of the two brutes failing to connect with each other echoed not very far. With a roar, clone Colt grows again, turning truly huge, and with a massive fist he finally hit…no wait, he missed again. sigh. Taking advantage of his foes now enormous body, Colt connects with his mighty fist of illiteracy…and justice. Glaring at the mist his enemy has been reduced to, Colt victoriously raises his arms, flooding the immediate vicinity with his triumphant hircismus. Also he saw a scroll…
Opening their respective scrolls, our heroes see before them powerful words conjured up by a great mind, written in the hand of angels (Colt’s had pictures and a big title reading ‘Epic Prophecy for Dummies’(also drawn in the hand of angels(because angels like comics too(I mean what else would they do with their time(I doubt heaven has Wi-Fi(or maybe they do(anyway this is kind of a tangent by now i think(back to the story)))))))). The heroes open their scrolls and feast their eyes on the banquet of words within:

“You have been chosen for a great purpose, Those you have fought are yourselves as you will be, You are tasked with protecting the world’s ‘to be’, the future, Your enemy is great, but there is strength in humanity Wield this power, do what we cannot, Forge a new story, a great legend, Kickstart a tale that will be told for all time."

A great sense of wonder, amazement and confusion wells up in the heroes (Colt puts it down to post-battle hunger), but before they can move, the world vanishes in a white flash, and they wake up in the bustling night of Taichou City, with nothing but a strange scroll in their hands to make them wonder – a dream?
The adventure begins…XD

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